Vitalia’s Spring Cleanse program… Starting soon!

Spring into Summer with a Seasonal Cleanse!

We know you might be saying, “I would love to do a cleanse, but I just don’t have the time”.  Throughout the 14 days, you will supercharge your detox pathways within the liver, while nourishing the body with nutrients necessary to build muscle, energy and satiety.  Not on the Paleo Bandwagon?  Not a problem! This is a hypo-allergenic food based cleanse which includes patient guidebook, single serving packets for on the go, and a superior tasting detox shake with shaker bottle.  All included in one price!

  •  Medically supervised whole foods based group cleanse customized to you!
  •  Engage in group discussion to share tips, motivation, recipes and success stories
  •  Decrease inflammation, fatigue, headaches, gas & bloating
  •  Improve stamina, mental clarity, sleep & overall sense of well-being
  •  Reduce sugar and other unhealthy food cravings
  •  Healthfully drop excessive weight
  •  Learn the basics of intuitive eating to naturally maintain your ideal body weight
  •  Relish in savoring anti-inflammatory meals without sacrificing taste
  •  Discover the power of Food as Medicine
     And most importantly…
     Refresh, Rejuvenate and Revitalize all of you because YOU truly are worth it!

Join Vitalia for our 14 day PaleoCleansePlus….your next best step to a lighter, more vibrant and leaner YOU!

Where: Vitalia Natural Medicine – 570 Laguna Drive, Carlsbad, CA

Date: Saturday 5/14/16 & Final Class Saturday 5/28/16
From: 3:30-5PM each Saturday

Price:Early bird special $199 if prepaid by 5/11/16, $229 thereafter RSVP: No later than Friday 5/13/16 at 5pm.

Space is limited to 20 people.  Sign up now:

Or call Shawneea @ 760-720-6288 for more information and to register.