Treating the Terrain With Natural Medicine

March 28th, 2011

Chronic inflammation, metabolic syndrome and hormonal imbalances are just some of the examples of physiological changes that can affect our terrain, which is the environment our cells live in, thereby affecting our gene expression.  Poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, high cortisol levels from stress and lack of joy in life all contribute to changes in this micro-environment that surrounds and communicates with the cells.

Modern medicine does an excellent job at examining the cancer cells and finding targeted treatments to kill them.  However it does not address the terrain, the soil in which the cancer was allowed to develop and flourish.  Naturopathic medicine treats the terrain by assessing each individual for their unique characteristics that have contributed to the disease.  Naturopathic therapies are implemented that boost the bodies healing abilities and increase resistance to disease, as well as remove physiological factors that favor tumor proliferation, progression and metastasis.

I encourage doctors and patients to embrace a new paradigm of medicine, one that recognizes the importance of healthy eating, exercise, stress management and joyful living.   With the knowledge and scientific proof that diet, lifestyle and psycho-social factors do affect our gene expression and our ultimate health, we can be empowered and motivated to seek answers and find solutions to create optimal health within ourselves.

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