Reduce Allergy Symptoms Naturally

November 3rd, 2014

Do you have allergy symptoms that are never quite under control? Have you tried over the counter medications without much help? Then it might mean your body is low on glutathione (pronounced “Gloot-a-thy-own”), a strong antioxidant that is often depleted in people with allergies.

Glutathione helps our bodies break down and get rid of things it doesn’t need. In the case of allergies, it helps us break down and get rid of histamine, a chemical that causes symptoms of itchiness, runny eyes and nose, sneezing, and rashes. Our bodies can make and recycle glutathione, but they need the help of other nutrients as well. Glutathione can be taken in a pill, but the effects are much more robust when it is injected (because our digestion breaks some of it down before we can absorb it).

We recently started offering glutathione in our Vitamin Shot selection. Now we’re excited to offer glutathione as an add-on to our Myers’ and Myers’ Immune IV Infusions. They make a great combination, since the nutrients in our IV infusions support our body’s natural ability to make glutathione, our body’s “master anti-oxidant.” Ask to add glutathione when you schedule your Myers’ Immune Infusion and see the difference it makes!

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