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April 12th, 2016


We are so excited to tell you that we have a new team member at Vitalia. Dr. Juliana Marie is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Nurse who brings a unique combination of skill and intuitive wisdom combined with genuine care and concern.

Dr. Juliana is passionate about Natural Medicine with special interests in digestive issues, weight management and disordered eating, hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety, nutritional education and holistic counseling. By combining the best of science with mind-body medicine, Dr. Juliana can guide you along your healing journey with an individualized treatment plan to support your health and lifestyle goals.

“I believe the path to healing is a beautifully courageous journey, and I am honored to hold the space for your profound physical, emotional and spiritual awakening as we partner together to achieve your goals.”

Dr. Juliana Marie, ND, RN

Nutritional IV’s and Vitamin Shots are now available Mondays through Saturdays! We are often able to schedule day of appointments when you call in the morning.

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