Enhance Your Focus with a Brain Booster Shot

September 16th, 2014

Our brains are full of potential! The mere act of reading this article is a feat in and of itself. Often we take skills like these for granted. We forget no one is born with the ability to read. We may even forget all the focus and practice it took to acquire a new skill.

Concentration relies largely on our ability to create adequate levels of the right chemicals in our brain. If we want to take advantage of our ability to learn new skills, we have to create the right conditions. Our brain cells (neurons) communicate with each other using chemical (neurotransmitter) messages. We manufacture these neurotransmitters in our brain utilizing nutrients from our body. When the right conditions are in place, our brain can efficiently make the neurotransmitters needed and communication goes well. But often our body is short on certain nutrients for one reason or another.

Modern farming methods, and packaged foods have decreased the nutrient density of many foods. Some nutrient deficiencies are due to genetic reasons: many people have difficulty making their vitamins biologically active, and as we age gene function gradually declines. Stress or illness increases our need for certain vitamins. Medications can deplete our body of nutrients as well. When our body has a limited amount of vitamins and nutrients to carry out its job, some things fall behind.

Neurotransmitters (those chemical messages in our brain) production is one area we commonly see affected by low vitamin status. Oral supplementation (capsules, tablets) can help in many instances, but still relies on the condition of the digestive tract. Using a shot or IV to get vitamins into our body allows those nutrients to circulate to tissues like our brain and muscles before our liver and kidneys get rid of unused and metabolized vitamins.

Getting biologically active vitamins in a shot is a convenient way to correct depleted nutrient levels. It ensures our brain has many of the necessary components to help us concentrate. The “Brain Booster” Vitamin Shot was formulated specifically to support neurotransmitters involved in focus and concentration. If you’ve been noticing a decline in your ability to maintain focus, try it out and see what you notice. We generally recommend getting a “Brain Booster” once a week for four-to-six weeks to see how well it works for you.

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