Chronic Inflammation Effects on the Body

March 9th, 2011

Chronic inflammation is a slow and progressive change in immune cells that affects the whole body.  Approximately one-fifth of all human cancers are associated with chronic inflammation.  Blood tests can be used as markers of inflammation, such as hsCRP (highly sensitive C-Reactive protein) which is available through conventional medical testing.  Cytokine testing, an alternative medicine approach, is a new and innovative way to look at what is underlying the inflammation in the body.  It allows the doctor to identify chronic low grade infections such as bacterial, viral, and yeast;  also, this test will identify if heavy metals are a source of the inflammation.

An example of inflammation is what can happen in the digestive tract.    Chronic gut inflammation occurs when patients have food sensitivities and haven’t removed the offending food.  Celiac disease is associated with gut related cancers, lymphomas and autoimmune disease.  The solution is to identify the foods you are sensitive to, remove them from the diet and work with nutrition, herbal medicines and homeopathic medicines to heal the gut.  Chronic inflammation, which affects our cells’ micro-environment can be reversed through this type of terrain medicine.

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