Improve Exercise Endurance with Antioxidant Shot

September 25th, 2015

Are you looking for more endurance from your workout routine and to recover faster?

Your levels of glutathione (pronounced “gloot-a-thy-own”), your body’s strongest antioxidant, determine how long it takes until your muscles get tired. As your muscles build up metabolic products, glutathione helps to detoxify them and keep them working well. Studies show that athletes with higher levels of glutathione work out longer before becoming tired, and recover faster.

Our body makes and recycles glutathione in the liver, from amino acids and vitamins. Glutathione, if taken orally as a supplement, can be broken down by stomach acid, making absorption low. The best way to significantly boost your levels quickly, is by an injection. We offer glutathione in our “Detox Accelerator” shot, which can be given in a muscle, or added on to an IV. Combining the “Detox Accelerator” with the B-vitamins found in our other Vitamin Shots can give you a bigger “bang” too! Plus there’s a $10 discount if you add the Detox Accelerator onto another shot or IV.

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