Yeast Infections & Chronic Candidiasis

Vitalia’s Approach to Yeast infections and Chronic Candidiasis

Chronic recurrent yeast infections, also known as chronic candidiasis, can affect men and women.  Chronic candidiasis is not the same as systemic candidiasis in which the candida has infiltrated the bloodstream.  At Vitalia, we diagnose this condition with a combination of a symptom questionnaire, stool and saliva testing.  When treated with pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics, steroids and other immune-suppressing medications, the infection may temporarily resolve, however very often this sets up the body for repeated infections.

At Vitalia, we have the tools to eradicate this infection from the body using a combination of diet changes, herbs and homeopathic medicines that attack the candida while supporting the immune system and detoxification processes.  It is essential in this condition to eliminate sugars from the body, since it feeds candida.  It can also be helpful to eliminate milk and dairy products, mold and yeast containing foods, and food sensitivities.

We have been amazed by the number of people affected by this condition, both men and women, who struggle to eliminate it.  We have successfully treated this condition using customized protocols for our patients.  Call now to schedule an appointment and talk to the doctor about your health concerns!