Cancer Support

Vitalia’s Approach to Naturopathic Cancer support

The process in which cancer grows in the body has been likened to a wound that never heals.  Inflammation is a key player in continuing the growth of cancer, as it is in the healing of a wound.  A wound begins with some stimulus such as an injury or infection.  The body begins to recruit white blood cells and other immune cells to heal the wound.  If the body’s terrain is chronically inflamed, and other systems are malfunctioning in the body, the cancer process may begin.  At Vitalia, the doctors are trained in identifying the underlying causes to the cancer process, how to stop its development and treat the initiating factors to prevent re-occurrence.

Dr. Natasha Wolf began specializing in cancer support during her final year of Naturopathic Medical school by doing a preceptorship with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She continues her study and education in this field through books, tele-seminars and classes. She is a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and participates actively in the discussion forums and classes.

Dr. Wolf is well trained in the safe and effective integration of conventional cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery with naturopathic medicine.  The use of naturopathic medicine during chemo and radiation can greatly improve outcomes and reduce side effects.  Naturopathic treatment serves as an invaluable support during conventional cancer treatment.

Once conventional treatment has ended, typically patients will be monitored by their doctors and oncologists to ensure that the cancer is not returning.  This is the time that Naturopathic treatment can have a huge impact on the quality and length of life of a cancer survivor.  Dr. Natasha Wolf uses specialized lab testing to closely monitor the health of the patient and identify underlying imbalance that impact cancers growth.

Specific and individualized treatment is essential to identify the cause and truly heal from cancer. Dr. Wolf customizes treatment plans for her patients that include diet and nutritional advice, herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine.  She takes a mind, body and spirit approach with all her patients.