Eczema is an itchy, annoying rash.  Also known as allergic contact dermatitis, it involves superficial inflammation of the skin and a rash that can vary from vesicles to scales and oozing to crusting.  It is by definition an allergy condition, most often with elevated levels of IgE in the blood.

Conventional medicine recognized family history as a main cause to eczema.  Any family history of allergic type conditions including asthma increases chances of developing eczema.  Conventional treatment typically involves topical corticosteroid treatment, which over time the body adjusts to and needs more frequent and stronger applications.  Steroids over time will thin the skin and weaken the immune system.

In Naturopathic medicine, we see eczema as also an inflammatory skin condition that responds beautifully to food sensitivity testing and elimination.  Removing food sensitivities and treating the underlying condition with herbs and homeopathic remedies is extremely effective in healing eczema for good.  The skin also responds well to supporting the body nutritionally with essential fatty acids, and certain vitamins.